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A peculiar man searches for love in a dark and troubling world.


The world is closing in on Desmondo Ray. After the disappointment of no one responding to his much-talked about video dating tape, he finds himself living alone in a rundown apartment complex on the outskirts of Forgotten Falls, a small town at the end of the world. When a film crew starts documenting Desmondo, they attempt to pry painful secrets about how his house mysteriously burned down, and the condition of his widowed father who suffered horrible burns in the fire. The more they push, the more Desmondo descends into his own fantasy world where nothing can harm him. However, when a self assured young woman asks Desmondo out, his universe is turned upside down and he must suddenly traverse the many obstacles of dating. In the aftermath of his big date, Desmondo learns that love can be hiding in the most unexpected of places, and that his heart must always follow the stars, even in a dark and troubling world.


This is the story about a peculiar man... This is Desmondo Ray!



Episode 1: All Alone In A Dark World

Episode 2: Brief Encounters

Episode 3: Have You Ever Kissed A Woman Before?

Episode 4: The Big Date

Episode 5: The Heart Follows The Stars


Total Runtime: Approx 45 mins

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